John McPherson Scholarship Fund
Posted: 02/03/2006

LPMA has created a special scholarship fund in the name of John McPherson. As you know, John was a long time member and huge supporter of the Association. One of John's great loves was the Lois Caffey/LSU Termite School. Monies generated through your donations will be used for scholarships for the Termite School and if enough funds are raised, an annual scholarship to the LSU/LPMA Summer Institute, another favorite of Johns. Please send your donation to LPMA. Thank you for your support.

LPMA Membership Benefits
Posted: 08/06/2004

LPMA has recently added more benefits for your company, yourself and your employees. A 401K plan is available through Michael Breard at American Exprees. More information can be obtained by visiting the following website: or by contacting Michael at 225-215-3541

An outstanding new Telephone service is available through ITC Deltacom. For great rates and great service, call Max Causey at 225-906-2408

Looking for health benefits? LPMA has teamed with Louis Farmer from Blumberg and Associates to present special health plans for LPMA Members. These plans are very well priced and offer a great deal of coverage. The plans include:

The Miramar health plan that is loaded with benefits - visit

A prescription plan with deep discounts

A fabulous dental plan

A brand new Select Lab Benefit that can be reviewed at or call Louis Farmer at 225-767-1442.

LPMA Now Accepts Credit Cards
Posted: 09/30/2003

The Louisiana Pest Management Association now accepts VISA, MasterCard and American Express for all services. You may buy forms, register for educational seminars or register for conventions by using your credit card. We will accept credit card orders by telephone, fax or e-mail. You will need to give us your credit card number, expiration date and the name and billing address for the card. It is a simple way to get your order more quickly. If you have any questions, please contact our office.